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Project U.S.E.

Client Need: A Modern, Mobile-Responsive Website
We worked with Project U.S.E. to replace an outdated, text-heavy website with a modern WordPress designed site with interactive media and an improved site layout for a better user experience.
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Client Need: Key Technology Integrations
As part of the website redesign process, we worked to integrate several key platforms into the website, including MailChimp, Classy, Google Analytics, and Salesforce.
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Project Overview

We helped to create an updated website for Project U.S.E. in the Fall of 2017.  The organization needed an updated WordPress based site with a mobile responsive theme and design to replace an outdated WordPress site with a theme that was no longer being updated.  The project also involved integrating the website with several other key technology platforms, including an email list signup with MailChimp and connection to the fundraising platform Classy.

Key Project Goals

  • Successfully redesigning the Project U.S.E. website with an updated WordPress theme that would allow for easier navigation for visitors to find needed information about programming.
  • Incorporating more media content (updated photos and videos) into site content to provide a more engaging experience for visitors.
  • Setting up and maintaining connections with other key technology platforms such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, Classy, and Salesforce.

Website Project Design Highlights

  • Replacing a text-heavy, outdated website design with an updated mobile-responsive WordPress site design with interactive content (photos & videos) to engage visitors.
  • Integration of MailChimp email signup forms and subscription bar to increase signup rate and marketing audience.
  • Installation of Google Analytics and reporting plugin to regularly monitor key website traffic metrics and send out automated email reports to staff.
  • Setup of links and integration with Classy for branded organizational fundraising on website.