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Website Design and Maintenance

Our core service is working with clients to help relieve a critical pain point for many small businesses and nonprofits – developing a professional, user-friendly, and informative website that helps drive the impact and results they deserve.  We consider a few key factors for all of our website design projects:

  • Working with clients to develop clear, easy to understand copywriting to tell visitors who you are and how your business or nonprofit can help deliver value and impact;
  • Helping create or extend a clear brand aesthetic and design that is consistent with your communications and marketing strategy;
  • Making sure that your site layout is organized and focused on clear Calls to Action – the key next steps that you want visitors to take and that are crucial to delivering impact and business results;
  • Integrating your website with other key business services to capture and share key data; this includes e-commerce platforms, payment or donation processing, social media accounts, and CRM/Marketing systems.


You can learn more about specific projects we’ve worked on by viewing overviews and case studies on our Portfolio page. 

Our Website Design Process

Client Survey

All of our consulting work begins with an initial survey of clients to determine the scope of the project they are interested in and their end goals.

Needs Assessment

We work to deliver results in the areas that your company or organization needs. Our needs assessment helps highlight the specific areas where we can deliver value.

Project Initiation

Before beginning projects, we work with clients to establish expectations and get on the same page. Clients have the opportunity to ask any questions needed so they understand exactly what they are getting.

Client Review and Feedback

We aim to delight our clients - before projects are concluded, we let you view the project, engage in testing to make sure everything is working, and get feedback that helps take our work from good to great.

Final Testing and Launch

We look to serve as true partners in the work of our clients. This includes ensuring a smooth rollout of any new features, post-project support, and including your team has the resources to be successful long-term.